According to the official government statistics, the number of daycare facilities in Ontario has grown at a staggering rate of 9.8% in the last two years. And the best part is that most of these facilities are completely regulated and licensed according to local and state-level laws. Moreover, a 2022 study revealed that just over half (52%) of Canada’s population younger than six years are registered in daycare facilities.  

It’s also worth noting that the increasing number of daycare facilities has also spiked the demand for skilled and competent daycare workers, registered nurses, and personal support workers.

That’s why we’ve created this detailed guide for aspiring daycare workers in Ontario. If you’re currently looking for a daycare job in the area or planning to become a PSW, here are the key things you must know about succeeding in Ontario’s cut-throat daycare market.

1. Effective Communication is Your Most Powerful Skill

Daycare personal support workers don’t just have to be formally educated and licensed. They also require certain soft skills to stand out and succeed in this industry. For example, one of the most critical skills a daycare worker must possess is communication and interpersonal intelligence. They must be able to communicate with the care recipients (kids) and their parents.

Daycare workers must monitor, report, and track kids’ behaviours and progress and share it with their parents. They should also receive feedback patiently and address parental concerns and questions without losing their cool. Seamless communication between daycare kids’ parents and caregivers is the key to maximising a little one’s well-being.

2. You Have to Create a Safe Daycare Environment

Caregivers must be fully trained and aware of creating a safe and healthy environment for children. It’s important to pay attention to all the nitty-gritty factors that can intersect with a child’s safety. Your daycare staff and caregivers must keep the facility clean and tidy. There should be no trip and fall hazards, and the facility must be equipped with age-appropriate toys, equipment, and furniture.

A daycare environment should foster a sense of security and simulation. It should provide kids with an opportunity to interact with each other, build new friendships, and feel at home. Daycare staff or personal support workers must also be able to address a kid’s emotional needs in case they’re feeling anxious or sad when away from their parents.

3. Master First-Aid Techniques

Caregivers and daycare workers must also possess knowledge of expert first aid services. Daycare facilities are required to have a primary emergency response kit to tackle any unforeseen situation. Moreover, facility managers must hire a registered nurse for daycare as they’re licensed and trained to perform childproofing and emergency response activities in case of an accident.

4. Track and Report Children’s Progress and Milestones

Daycare facilities are also responsible for improving a child’s developmental well-being. They play a supplemental role in a child’s life along with their primary schooling and home care. Daycare workers must know about child development stages and their effects. To provide a custom care plan, they must understand every kid’s unique mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Knowing about your daycare children’s development stages and conditions will allow you to create and implement suitable play and study activities. It’ll also help in timely detecting developmental delays that may require a healthcare professional’s attention.

5. Learn About Kids’ Behaviour Management

Daycare workers or personal support workers assigned to look after kids also need to have basic know-how regarding children’s mood and behaviour management. They must be skilled at managing children with tantrums, mood swings, withdrawal symptoms, hyperactive aggression, and shyness.

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This post’s author is a private daycare facility manager in Canada. He has been running his facility for over seven years and has hired his caregivers and PSWs team via APEX Health Care Personnel. The author regularly shares informative and insightful blogs on the company’s websites and keeps the readers well-informed about the Canadian daycare market trends.