Caring for your elderly or aging parents or family members can be tough. You may not be available on a 24/7 basis, which may leave your seniors in an unsupervised state. Senior care requires patience, time, support, compassion, and dedication. But while you may possess all of these qualities, you must also ensure their safety by making their abode senior living friendly.

That’s why registered and experienced in-home caregivers have crafted this blog discussing certain dos and don’ts which senior caregivers must remember. Let’s delve into the details right away.


Following are a few critical dos that you must implement in a senior’s home:

1. Create a Safe Environment

Eliminating potential slip, fall, and tripping hazards, improving accessibility, and removing unwanted obstacles should be your priority. Doing so helps make an indoor space safer and more comfortable for seniors, allowing them to easily roam around without falling.